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Waging Peace

Love even your enemies is a core lesson Jesus taught us in His earthly ministry.  Jesus lived this out, even as He hung dying on the cross.  If you are going to love everyone, even, and perhaps, especially your enemies, then task one is to not kill them.  Even better is to not incinerate them, and the rest of humanity in a nuclear holocaust.

This is to say, peace is job one.  All that we hope to achieve and to accomplish in God’s name depends upon peace.  Whatever ministry most closely touches your heart, and calls to you, could be rendered moot inside of 30 minutes.  It seems then that we must all pay some measure of attention to matters of war and peace.

Below are posts that have appeared on the blog that deal specifically with issues of war and peace.  Below that are ways you can get involved, make your voice heard and give witness to your service to the Prince of Peace, Jesus the Christ.

Perma Posts For This Section

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Global Zero Now

The Scope of the Problem The crimes against humanity that are occurring in the Ukraine and the increased threat of a nuclear holocaust suggests the quote from George Orwell; “if the war didn’t kill you, it was bound to start you thinking”. Well, all the misery and threats of the ...
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Peace Through Hard Money

  The main strategy to obtaining peace is to systematically strip the government of the means to wage war.  There are many tactics that we can employ to help further this strategy.  One of the very best tactics is to starve the imperial beast of the financing needed to wage ...
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The Practicality of Peace

  The single biggest objection to implementing a philosophy of pacifism is that it will not work and heap disaster upon humanity.  Let’s examine this more closely.  First I will look at how effective war has been as a policy, then I will look at how non-violent action has fared. ...
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The Primacy of Peace

  As we move further through Advent to the celebration of the Incarnation, we should continually view this as the celebration of the arrival of the Prince of Peace.  To that end, it is worth reflecting upon the primacy of peace in our lives and political activity.   There is, ...
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Empire of Sin

This past week President Trump tripled down on the 16 years and counting war in Afghanistan. He offered little that was new, specific or hopeful of a quick resolution. He is continuing in the long U.S. tradition of endless war. It is helpful at a moment like this to step ...
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The Sin of Government

Original sin is not much talked about anymore but we have institutionalized it in the form of government. Let me explain. If we look at the story of the Fall it is not about simple disobedience. Genesis 3:5 has the serpent stating about the forbidden fruit “for God knows that ...
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Resources to Wage Peace

Below are a variety of resources to find information and ways to get active.  Also you can simply search online for peace groups in your area and will likely find several close  by.

Links to Peace Activists and Information

Some excellent resources staffed by dedicated people working for peace in our world.  WE ARE NOT ALONE

Global Zero

Is an organization that offers a realistic plan to eliminate nuclear weapons by the year 2045.  They have some excellent resources and are also worth following on Twitter.

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

ICAN offers a wide variety of resources to promote the abolition of nuclear weapons as well as to track the nations that have committed to this goal.

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

This organization, founded in 1982, provides a range of information and resources to promote nuclear disarmament.  They often host webinars, Zoom presentations as well as a variety of initiatives to help you get involved.

War Resisters League

This is a general antiwar organization dating from 1923.  They provide a variety of information and practical resources to build peace in your life and to take individual action.

World Beyond War

This is a general antiwar site that has many resources to get active in opposition to war.  They provide information and analysis of current events.  They also have a list of local affiliates that you can contact.

Lutheran Peace

This is an explicitly religious organization dedicated to peace and justice issues.  They have a good amount of resources and way you can get involved.

Additional Resources/Information:  news and analysis in opposition to war from a more libertarian/limited government perspective.

Code Pink:  Antiwar information and activism from a more left of center viewpoint.

Peace Theology: Good background information regarding Christian pacifism.

War is a Racket:  Excellent essays against war written in the aftermath of the First World War.

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