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Just Believe Baby Believe

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A Series of Unfortunate Events

The text this week is Mark 5:21-43.  This sees Jesus being pursued by a multitude and accosted by those in need of healing.  It would be a much better world if this sort of thing occurred more often today.  The passage details people who seek Jesus because they or someone they love are in deep need.  One, a leader of the synagogue begs for his daughter, one simply touches Jesus’s cloak and is made well. This shows that Jesus is where we need Him to be, no matter how difficult the circumstances.

We Know the How & the Why

In each case restoration and healing was provided by the faith of those involved.  In both instances, those directly affected by their affliction came to Jesus and by way of their faith they were made whole.  At the end of the story, those in the leader’s house laughed at Jesus but the Disciples He had with Him certainly believed, and saw Jesus perform this miracle.

This faith is the why of what occurs in these stories.  The lesson for us is clear.  If we but believe, we too will be healed and restored.  It is important to understand what this means.  It may not mean that we are physically healed, our physical infirmities may remain.  It does not mean that those we love will not pass away from their earthly existence.  When God promises salvation, it is an eternal promise, not necessarily one we will see in our earthly journey.  Remember our eternal life has already begun.

What we are truly restored to is a relationship with our Father in Heaven via His Son Jesus the Christ.  This is what saves us and what renews us, regardless of what happens to us here on planet earth. 

It is important to also remember the why of all of this.  God loves us.  I know that seems axiomatic, but we don’t let that sink in nearly enough.  God loves us so much that He sent Jesus to live among us as one of us.  He then proceeds to show us how to live a fully human life of service and sacrifice.  He empties Himself out for all of us in this sacrificial service all the way to a death on the cross.  He does all this so that we may believe, and therefore be restored.

I took the title from a variation on the theme of the late Raider owner Al Davis, whose mantra was “just win baby win”.  Well, all we need is to just believe, baby, believe.  If we trust, then we are restored and we are healed and nothing on this earth can separate us from our salvation.  It really is that simple, not necessarily easy, but simple.  What is easier is the belief, it’s the obedience that comes in response that is as hard as a heart attack.  But it all starts with the faith and the belief.

Praise Be to God

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