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Who Jesus Is

An Image of Jesus The text for this week is John 10:11-18.  As the Easter season rolls along, we are presented with texts that further clarify who Jesus really is.  As is typical of Scripture, Jesus uses pastoral and agricultural imagery to make His point.  This is because these are analogies that those who heard […]

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He Is Risen Indeed!

The Duh-Ciples Strike Again The text for this the Third Sunday of Easter is Luke 24:36-48.  This starts out with the disciples going along and Jesus appearing to them.  This startles and terrifies them.  They thought they were seeing a ghost.  Jesus is curious as to why they are frightened.  It is a relevant question

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Initially Afraid

The Day the World Changed This is Easter Sunday.  This is the day in the Christian calendar.  We rely on Scripture to help us learn about this day because of our faith in the resurrection.  It is this resurrection that makes all of Scripture make sense.  The text for this year’s Easter celebration is Mark

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What Had to Be

All Are Coming to Jesus The passage for this Fifth Sunday of Lent is John 12:20-33.  This passage sees Jesus predicting His death.  The first thing that jumps out at the reader is that the text starts out with some Greeks among the crowd worshipping at the festival.  These Greeks ask to see Jesus.  It

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Cleaning House

Stirring Up Trouble This week’s text is John 2:13-22.  This is the story of Jesus clearing out the temple of the merchants.  It appears early in John’s Gospel, but toward the end of Matthew, Mark, and Luke.  This represents a serious amount of trouble that Jesus is stirring up for Himself.  He is striking at

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