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The War Prayer

The following was written by Mark Twain around 1904-05.  It was written in response to the brutal war of suppression that the United States fought against the Philippines after lying to them about granting them independence in return for Pilipino support for the U.S. during the Spanish-American War of 1898, which represented the U.S. entry …

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Dangerous Math

The Nature of Provocation Last week I discussed the world’s oldest equation.  In that same spirit of mathematics I wish to discuss some very dangerous math, as in the math between two armed camps.  Almost everyone in the west, certainly in the United States, takes it for granted that the U.S. is a “force for …

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Hear Believe

Hear & Believe

I Already Told You The text this week is John 10:22-30. This is a a short and simple passage that creates justifiably comfortable imagery. The passage begins with Jesus in Jerusalem and the festival of the Dedication. This is to commemorate the reconsecration of the Second Temple in 164 BC after Antiochus IV had defiled …

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