Believe and Obey

A Radical Christian Perspective on the World's News & Current Events

Meet Tom Cleary: The man behind "Believe and Obey"


Since July of 2017 Tom Cleary has been writing weekly essays at this website  In this role he has covered many topics, such as scriptural commentary, various contemporary faith topics and public policy issues from a radical Christian perspective.  He has gained a dedicated following of those who wish to hear God’s good and gracious word proclaimed in today’s world.  This writing effort is the product of over 20 years of scriptural study, both self-taught and under the tutelage of his pastors. 

The author also brings real world experience to his writing craft as for over 25 years he has had a series of sales and sales management roles in industries as diverse as coffee, financial services, and medical supplies.  This perspective brings a street level realism to his writing that infuses his work with a very accessible freshness.

Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska in the Catholic tradition, Tom went from faith to unbelief and back again after finally understanding what it is that God is saying to all of us.  Married since 1994, Tom still resides in Omaha and is the father of two grown children, and worships in the Lutheran tradition.

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